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The Club has the basic essential equipment to assist all members to be able to able to start their journey into paddling. Below outlines the equipment we have along with the costs associated with their use.

Kayaks and Canoes

We have a good number of both white water kayaks to suit all ages and canoes. We also have a two sea kayaks and a coracle.

What is the difference between a kayak and a canoe - I hear you say!

There are three differences between the craft of a kayak and the craft of a canoe, they are:

1. You sit down in a kayak whereas in a canoe you kneel down.

2. You paddle a kayak with a double bladed paddle whereas in a canoe you use a single bladed paddle.

3. A canoe has gunnels down along their length - just like a canal barge - and a kayak does not (remember the gunnels are a working part of the boat).

There are many other paddleable crafts out there such as stand up paddleboards, sit on tops, canoe polo boats to name a few.

Rowing is a different type of boat, if you want to row then you may want to join a rowing club instead.


We have a good number of both adult and junior sized kayak paddles and canoe paddles.


We also have specialist paddlesport clothing available for you to use which includes:


Wet-suites - a neoprene full body suit to wear which when it get wet holds water within it which warms up from your body heat. This warm water then keeps you warmer for longer.

Cags - a splash proof / water proof top that can go over your wet-suit and keep you dryer and therefore warmer.

Helmets - for use when we are playing contact sports like canoe polo and when we are running rivers.

Buoyancy Aids - a personal flotation device which is used in dynamic water sports - not to be confused with a life jacket which is designed to save life during accidental entrance into water.


Spray decks - a waterproof covering to your kayak cockpit.


What you need to bring and have spares of are:


A pair of shoes that you are prepared to get wet. These need to be securely fastened and preferably not wellington boots. 

A swimming costume, loose shorts and loose t-shirt to wear under a wet-suit.

A fleece to wear between a wet-suit and a cag.

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